GR1 Titanium Reducers/concentric reducer

GR1 Titanium Reducers/concentric reducer
Product Details

GR1 Titanium Reducers/concentric reducer

GR1 Titanium Reducers 


Product:                          GR1 Titanium Reducers

Sizes:                               According to customer's drawings and specifications

Grade:                             Grade 1

Standard:                       ASME B16.9/ ASME B16.11

Types:                              Pure Titanium Reducers

Supply States:               Annealed (M)

MOQ:                               10 pcs

Payment Method:         TT

Applications:                 Titanium and its alloy Reducers are widely used in medical equipment and petrochemical equipment, etc... 

                                         Titanium fittings serve as connectors for tubes and pipes.

Product Types:

45° Titanium Elbows

45° Titanium Straight Elbows

45° Titanium Reducer Elbows

90° Titanium Elbows

90° Titanium Straight Elbows

90° Titanium Reducer Elbows

180° Titanium Elbows

180° Titanium Straight Elbows

180° Titanium Reducer Elbows

Titanium Equal Tees

Titanium Straight Tees

Titanium Reducing Tees

Titanium Reducers

Titanium Concentric Reducers

Titanium Eccentric Reducers

Titanium Lap Joint Stub Ends

Titanium Couplings

Titanium Bushings

Titanium Caps

Titanium Pipe Nipples

Titanium Pipe Plugs


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